TOP servis

Flat rate

surcharge 0,25 €/day/therapist

Not time limited use of service.


  • Card files of clients
  • Exam card
  • History of visites
  • Archiv
  • Calendar
  • Reservation system
  • Library Dietetics
  • Library of Phytopreparations
  • Ad Management
  • E-shop
  • Reports to print
  • Personnel management


The TOP service license is for centers and clinics that need to manage multiple agendas at the same time. The special module Personnel Management allows the administrator to set up an unlimited number of subaccounts (employees or partners), assign permissions to view and work with either the entire patient database or only with the patient's of particular employee.

The TOP service license offers all the services and capabilities available for managing a digital Card files of clients in the area of traditional Chinese medicine. In the case of interest, this license can always be reduced to service Standard or Basic free of charge.