Flat rate

0,5 €/day

Not time limited use of service.


  • Card files of clients
  • Exam card
  • History of visites
  • Archiv
  • Calendar
  • Reservation system
  • Library Dietetics
  • Library of Phytopreparations
  • Ad Management
  • E-shop
  • Reports to print


The STANDARD license is intended primarily for self-employed practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine. You have the unlimited opportunity to use a wide range of modules for complete management of your clients from the creation of patient card to the final report, including the recommendation of suitable and inappropriate foods, herbal preparations and other information to be considered. Unlimited storage and the Archive module allows you to reliably store data on your server and have protected access for 24 hours a day/360 days a year from anywhere on the planet where you have access to the Internet.

The Standart license modules allow you to disable the display of standard ad slots in your digital office environment. You can expand and refill your libraries, lists of herbal preparations you use or printed reports.

In case you stop actively using this paid license, you can always download the Basic license, which is completely free of charge. Once you have registered, you can start using it with the full support of tcmsoft.online. In addition, whenever you add money, it will automatically enable the Standard license. - je to správně míněno?